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Strife Raven

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Nightmare (Mary, Maria) [Mar. 29th, 2008|03:38 pm]
Strife Raven
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it always seems to ring true. [Mar. 27th, 2008|01:02 am]
Strife Raven
And tonight is just another example:

I am made richer by becoming poorer.
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Easter on a Sunday [Mar. 23rd, 2008|07:44 pm]
Strife Raven
So!  Today has been amazing!!

I got to see the wonderful Hart family, and meet Richard's, Meg's, and Charles' uncle, who seems like a pretty cool guy. 

Went and picked Meg, Charles, and their foreign exchange student, Anna, from the airport this morning, grabbed some breakfast at a starbucks, then hung out with all The Harts for a while, first at the Uncle's gym, then at his house for a bit.

After that it was off to my house with Meg, Charles, and Anna.  I gave them a quick tour, and then, I thought maybe I would take them to the Tacoma Museum of Glass (I thought they'd get a kick out of that).  On the way we stopped for lunch at... ...a family restaurant.

Okay, okay, it was Hooters.


And then after a good meal, we were suddenly at the museum!

And it was good with us.  Enjoyed the beautiful glass and scenery and all the goodness that Tacoma had to offer.
Well.  Some of it.

It was sad to say goodbye to all of them.


This day has been the best Easter ever.

A special thank you to Natalie, because without her it would not have been possible.
<3  You are loved and missed.
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change will come and change is here, love fades out and love appears [Mar. 18th, 2008|09:37 am]
Strife Raven
Well, I talked to my boss today about transferring my job to the Salt Lake City branch in Utah... So, I'll know within a week if I am moving back to Utah come May... *deep breath*

I am Casey's very mixed emotions.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2008|12:58 pm]
Strife Raven
oh eddie izzard.  you rock!

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the girl with the beer pong shirt [Mar. 16th, 2008|02:54 am]
Strife Raven
You know, I can NOT figure it out, but for some reason these last few days I have missed, intensely, Jada.

It doesn't really make any sense... but there you have it.

Sufficeth to say, she's been on my mind.

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sleep, don't weep [Mar. 14th, 2008|09:24 pm]
Strife Raven
[Current Mood |pissed offpissed off]

well... 5 sleeping pills, 5 aspirin, and 2 glasses of wine, and 1 bath later... I'm feeling barely any improvement.  But at least I can breathe a bit better now.

Oh well, fuck.  I am going to try and get to bed, and hopefully this will be gone in the morning.

I really can't skip work tomorrow.  damn damn damn.
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pain [Mar. 14th, 2008|05:46 pm]
Strife Raven
Um... does anyone have two or three Hydrocodone/Loritab or Oxycontin I can use?  Or hell, even percocet?  I messed up my back somehow today, and it hurts so bad that it's painful to breathe.  Not kidding at all.
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wow... hypocrisy and ugliness reigns [Mar. 13th, 2008|10:45 pm]
Strife Raven
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Mercury rising and blossoms in bloom (this is the kind of life I could get used to) [Mar. 11th, 2008|10:30 pm]
Strife Raven
Chace Merritt and Paige Marie Pitcher rock!

I'm so glad I got to hang out with them today as they head back to Utah from Canada.
Right now they're crashing in my living room.  :-)

We went to Farrelli's and ate delicious pizza.
Then stopped by NPCC so I could get caffeine.
And then came back to my house and watched Serenity.  Which I had never seen before, but think is amazing!


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